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Pink Dandy's promise is to always provide you with naturally derived ingredients that are Vegan friendly, cruelty free and contain no colorants. Enjoy and embrace the skin you're born with and pamper it to the fullest with Pink Dandy.

Our Promise

- About Pink Dandy -

Birth of Pink Dandy

Hi, my name is Janae and I am the owner of Pink Dandy. My passion for hand creating bath and beauty products stems from my love for cooking. I went to culinary school and fell in love with the art of creating my own food dishes. Cooking requires a lot of hand washing. My hands would become so cracked and dry and I was desperate to find a product that was worthy of healing my poor skin. In 2002, I started researching and found it fascinating that so many beauty products are made with mostly chemicals. My mission was to create a thick hand cream that wasn't greasy and would naturally help my skin to stay hydrated and heal. Once I mastered my perfect hand cream, I then decided I wanted more goodies that I could develop and enjoy. I obsessively spent the next 2 years researching and developing an entire line of feel good, luxurious, natural and vegan friendly products. After having friends and family asking if they could buy my products, I decided it was time to make them available to everyone. And that my friends, is how Pink Dandy was born!

Why Pink Dandy?

What really sets Pink Dandy apart from other bath and beauty products is that we maintain consistent quality in each and every product and they are made with rich natural ingredients. Pink Dandy not only enriches ones skin and soul, but, is also created in fun and playfully designed packaging.

Pink Dandy’s promise is to always provide you with Vegan Friendly products that are Cruelty Free and contain No Colorants. Enjoy and embrace the skin you’re born with and pamper it to the fullest with Pink Dandy.

What are some of our accomplishments? I’m glad you asked! My bath and beauty products have been in numerous online and printed magazines and blogs, featured in Arizona news shows, we were a major brand for a televised shopping show called Shopping A to Z, we were apart of Project Angel Food Charity Fundraising Event in California and have been seen in numerous salons, spas and beauty shops around the US for retail.

“It is extremely important that you take good care of your skin. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and should be treated as one of the most important. Your skin is constantly making deliveries to the rest of your body and eliminating toxins from it. Our world is so chemically un-balanced today. For me to be able to share Pink Dandy with you, is like a dream come true.”

Janae Chang

Founder of Pink Dandy